Living the Magic

EarthWhisper intends to support humanity in awakening and enjoying our subtle capacities.

The idea: Consciously creating an environment in and around ourselves — especially in our homes and work spaces — that literally vibrates with a balanced, pure and ready intelligence.

The vibe of good-energy things soothes and reminds us of what is true and real; and supports humans as we discover our way from predominant suffering to predominant joy.

Together, we increase human expression of positive creativity, wisdom and loving-kindness.

Plus, I love selling things. I love the thrill of someone seeing, and saying, “Yes! This makes me happy! This serves a sweet spot in my world.” A sweet spot for one’s self or another.

Your sweet spot translates to a joy in our EarthWhisper world, serving life-giving nectar.

Many hearts’ co-creative desires for presence and aliveness in all things breathes life into the existence and function of EarthWhisper.

EarthWhisper is starting with a first step — VitaJuwel® “GemWater” products.

EarthWhisper as a space and a shop was born from the desire to share with others the incredible capacities of the human being to listen, learn and converse with the powerful intelligence inherent in all things, including ourselves.

One inherent life-blood of EarthWhisper is to explore the magic of living beyond the purely aesthetic and functional aspects of beauty and dive into the love and life support surrounding us in nature and in the touch of the consciously creative, loving hand.  

As we increasingly know who we truly are — as we begin to crack the code —
we come to know and love our own beautiful spirit and the larger consciousness (or whatever you want to call it all) that infuses us with life.

When the soap is made lovingly at home with plants, oils, intelligence and love; when the water comes from a well; when there’s a real fire in the fireplace; when I’m eating wild greens and real plants from a real garden and honestly composting real plant stuff into more real soil stuff and sharing the air with the trees and the wild things . . .

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