‘Vitality’ Era Decanter by VitaJuwel


Emerald, Clear Quartz

Vitality’s Emeralds offer rejuvenation, self-esteem and increased life-force and  life-span.

Era Decanter
by VitaJuwel®

The exclusive design of the Era Decanter is both sensuous and practical. The ingenious lid suspends your precious Gemstone Vial wand safely while you both pour and refill with the lid in place.
The precision swoop of the pouring-lid makes filling even the smallest cup a dripless experience.
Designed to provide a vibrant, exclusive setting for VitaJuwel® Gemstone Vials, the Era Decanter (including its lid) is dishwasher safe and holds 1.4 liters (44 fluid ounces) of GemWater™.

Emerald, Clear Quartz

Vitality’s emeralds offer rejuvenation, self-esteem and increased life-span and life-force.
Emerald is a crystal of the heart. It offers renewal and regeneration of the life force. Many believe emerald to have rejuvenating and restoring effects.
It is also said to promote self-esteem.
This lush “growth crystal” has been a source of fascination in several cultures for over six thousand years and was considered a symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt.
Drink emerald-infused Gem Water to support your own vitality – naturally!
“All the green of nature is concentrated in the emerald.”

– Hildegard van Bingen
   11th century abbess and healer

An exclusive mise en scène for the VitaJuwel Gemstone Vials, this elegant, attention-getting decanter suspends your precious Gemstone Wand safely while you pour with the lid on. Both elegant and ingenious, the Era Decanter preserves and pours your crystal infused gemwater.
Designed to provide a vibrant setting for our Gemstone vial wands while maximizing usability, Era (including its lid) is dishwasher safe and holds 1.4 liters (44 fluid ounces) of GemWater.
  • The vial wand with its sparkling precious stones seems to be floating freely.
  • The lid is designed to stay in place as you pour your GemWater.
  • The lid holds the gemstone vial wand in place, preventing contact with the decanter, preserving both.
  • Decanter can be refilled without removing the specially designed lid.
  • Easy to use and dishwasher safe.
The Era Decanter — an astonishing design that makes catering and serving GemWater an exciting experience that draws the attention of all your guests.
These original VitaJuwel® Gemstone Vials are so much more than just jewelry for water.
They are the most efficient, hygienic solution to prepare pure, fresh-from-the-spring GemWater™ at home.
Each wand is a vial, hand-crafted with Bohemian glass by master glass-blowers in an artisanal, patented process.
Each wand-shaped vial contains a preserving liquid solution that is filled nearly all the way up the stem of the wand. 
How to use your wand:
Era Decanter: Sensual curves plus an ingenious decanter lid which holds the wand firmly in place even when pouring and refilling; the gemstone vial wand appears to float inside the glass decanter. 
Grande Dispenser: A beautiful vessel in which your gemstone vial wand of choice is suspended mid-flask. A uniquely elegant way to draft crystal infused water for family, guests, customers, clients. 
While you can place the vial wand in your own pitcher, the Grande Dispenser and the Era Decanter have been designed with the longevity and optimal display of the Gemstone Vial in mind. 

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