‘Fitness’ ViA GemWater Bottle by VitaJuwel


Red Jasper, Magnesite, Clear Quartz

Designed to support the moving body in building stamina and strength, Fitness GemWater™ also brings positive awareness to our physical body.

ViA GemWater Bottle
by VitaJuwel®

Holds 16.9 fluid ounces of water. Made of premium pollutant-free glass. Easy to clean – you can twist off the bottom.
The ViA comes with an exchangeable bottom piece called a GemPod™, filled with an exquisite selection of hand-picked precious gemstones.

Red Jasper, Magnesite, Clear Quartz

Designed to support the moving body in building stamina and strength, Fitness GemWater™ also brings positive awareness to our physical body.
Along with exercise and a balanced diet, little supports an active lifestyle better than enough fresh water. Drinking water first thing in the morning is an easy way to speed up your metabolism. Lots of people confuse thirst for hunger, so staying hydrated could help you avoid overeating.
Make a start, put on your running shoes or unfurl your yoga mat; hydrate with “Fitness” GemWater whether you’re working out or not.
Include this special blend of beaming red jasper, solid magnesite and pure rock crystal in your regular workout schedule and take note!

The ViA water bottle comes with an exchangeable bottom piece called a GemPod, filled with an exquisite selection of hand-picked precious gemstones.
The easy-to-clean GemPod protects the crystals and stones from bacteria, as well as protecting your water from those stones that can leach unhealthy substances into the water.
The vibrational qualities of Earth’s stony creations are transmitted through the glass to the water surrounding the GemPod.
Every year in the United States alone, there are 1,500 plastic water bottles used per second! 80% of them are not recycled. Read more about how your purchase serves humanity and the earth in the Live Green tab.

The patented gem pod is assembled by hand in the German Alps. Now, some are also assembled in the U.S.

Healing water — easy and beautiful.
EarthWhisper delights in bringing vibrational goodness to the masses.
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Bottle with black LOOP accessory in use
Specialized accessories designed exclusively for the ViA Water Bottle make it even more convenient to carry and provide protection or insulation for your hot/cold beverages.
<– The LOOP accessory in action at the beach.
VitaJuwel’s washable ViA bottles bring unquantifiable value notes of classy beauty and vibrational water quality to make your commitment to giving up plastics an experience in pride, health and sparkle.
Start with a small contribution to save the environment by using refillable glass bottles like VitaJuwel’s ViA. Keep in mind that you are also saving money by not buying bottled water.
Want some amazing bottled water stats?  Hop over to Statista.com for an accessible, neutral presentation of data to consider. Draw your own conclusions.
Worth repeating: At 42.1 gallons annual per capita of bottled water consumption in the USA, that’s $210/year at a rate of $1.25 for a 32 oz bottle. Or consider 50 cents for a 16 oz bottle which translates to $4/gallon and $168/year. It makes utmost sense to replace your plastics with your new ViA bottle. (have someone create a graphic for this for me)
On the other hand, we here at EarthWhisper recognize the many ways that plastic water bottles have brought safe, clean drinking water to communities whose water supply has been contaminated or compromised, such as the people of several towns in the state of Michigan, USA since 2014, in addition to humanitarian clean water crisis points around the globe. The value of plastics and transported water in these situations is real. What immediate alternative solutions can or have we intelligent humans corral into being?

Imagine your classy, non-plastic, earth-honoring, visually striking ViA water bottle riding proudly in the cupholder of your real or imagined Tesla. A perfect match, I’d say. And if you’d like a little EMF protection, perhaps try the ‘Inspiration’ blend as it contains black tourmaline which has some balancing and protective qualities with regard to EMFs. (EMF = electromagnetic frequencies)       – A note from Taz (who’s kind of obsessed with Teslas)

Wash water bottles thoroughly before first use. The glass bottle itself is dishwasher safe. The GemPod and caps are NOT dishwasher safe. To clean, unscrew GemPod from bottom cap. Wash water bottle parts by hand with warm, soapy water. Allow all parts to dry completely. Securely, but gently, reassemble parts. DO NOT open the specially sealed GemPod. After extensive use, water products can develop limescale, simply use lemon juice or vinegar essence to remove. We suggest cleaning your water bottles at least every 2-3 days.
Quick wash: Leaving the bottom cap on, swish interior with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly, rubbing the mouth piece clean inside and out.
Inside info: there are silicon flat sealing rings in the lids you’ll see if you look closely. There is no need to remove these during cleaning. Best if you don’t. However, if you leave your bottle closed and wet for a long time and things “grow” in there, you might have to remove the bottom ring to clean thoroughly. (Speaking from experience – make sure your bottle is completely dry before storing closed for any length of time.)
Tips for Use
When filling your water bottle, run water directly into the top. Do not let water run over edges of the opening or water will accumulate in the groove between the glass and bottom GemPod cap giving the impression that it is leaking. If water has run over, put the top cap on and simply turn the bottle upside down to let the excess water out.
SAFETY: Handle all your water bottles with care, they are precious / Treat your products as you would any other glassware / Avoid impacts / Do not freeze or microwave / If any damage occurs to your glass water bottle, stop use immediately / Keep away from young children.
ViA bottles are not designed for use by young children. We at EarthWhisper suggest that the Hugs and Loops are used to protect the bottles around little ones. EarthWhisper would love to offer child-safe gem-infused water options for our community. Would you like that? Email our Shop Curator to vote “Yes!” and we will pursue offerings of the sort, including a formal request to VitaJuwel to develop a safe product for children as they have for pets.

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