Oprah has shared an affirmation from her diary expressing a previous intention to one day

“…have beautiful things for my beautiful spirit.”

What kind of beauty matches the beauty of one’s spirit?

What if our stuff and our products are more than aesthetically beautiful, more than nice, more than functional?
And so very much more than enviable?
What if they are intelligent? And by that, I am not referring to the coming Internet of Things and Augmented Reality technologies.

What if our things, foods and products assist us on our spiritual journeys?

We developing humans are becoming increasingly aware of the unseen.

We are discovering through personal experience that the ideas and emotions generated by our minds and bodies are more responsible for creating our life experience than “fate”.
Many recognize the vibration, or spirit, in all things. Meditation and stillness are becoming wide-spread practices in the western world.

My own life story as an accidental empath

My own life story as an accidental empath has been one of managing my sensitivity or heightened perception of both the physical and nonphysical.
For example, I experience what I call “flavors” of sensation that are as impossible to verbally describe as would be the scent of a lemon.
These flavors are bodily experiences of subtle energy patterns such as other’s emotions or the presence and intelligence of an oak tree or horse.
Additionally, like many others who are empathic, I hear other’s thoughts, see images, intuitively converse or “listen” to the energies of plants, animals, humans.
My personal passion is to champion the idea of taking this awareness of the unseen a bit further by bringing it more into our choice-making, our intake and surroundings.
I’ve spent my life playing in the field of the unseen — by default. Skills have grown; finesse has advanced. What if I share these uncommonly celebrated invisible abilities in a touchable, experience-able way? Doing healing work through craniosacral therapy and “body-whispering” was a starting point.

Utilize and celebrate our sensitivity and empathicism

But, I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur AND help people both awaken to and celebrate, as well as utilize the massively powerful love and support inherent in truly beautiful beings, seen and unseen.
Since I’ve been navigating the world of products, stuff, plants, chemicals, and unseen wavelengths such as EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) as a highly sensitive empath my whole life, what if I share that in ways which not only help others, but also contribute to the overall conscious consumer landscape?
What if we consider the spirit or energetic matrix or vibrational signature of things and products, places and people, plants and animals, in making increasingly conscious choices about what we surround ourselves with; and, in our definitions of value and beauty.
We live in the world we do; so, what if we include our personal environments — including our product environments — in our efforts at personal excellence, inner growth, finding meaning in all this, or just plain feeling better — our own daily, personal versions of relief?
A license plate that lives just up the street from me says, “WHATIF”.  It’s a semantic up-tweak on “Why not?” and I find my mind setting out to fill in the blank.
What if we get conscious about the stuff we surround ourselves with?
What if I choose to have “beautiful things for my beautiful spirit”?
Does your body, mind and “system” relax and let down a notch, when the things around you are holding a pure and loving vibration?

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